Week 2 6th February - 10th February 2012

Discussion topic: The main reasons for the popularity of reality TV shows.

I am looking forward to this weeks discussion.

Ms George

Thursday 2nd February

Great discussion everyone!  Keep up the good work.

Week 1 30th January - 3rd February 

Discussion topic:  the effects of social networking sites on society today.

Welcome to the discussion forum, have a  look at the discussion to find out what you have to do.   

Week 10  28th November - 4th November

Stars for the week

This weeks shining star for week 9 is:

Gillian Sterling

Well done!

This week we have two stars

Jessica Rennie


Naomi Mearns

Well done girls, continue to log on and complete tasks the way you have been doing!

The star for week 7 - David Brewster

Well done!

Star for week 6

It has to be you    Robbie!

Well done.

Stars for week 5 - David Hope

Star for week 4 - Ryan Leighton

Well done!

For continued hard work and dilligence in weeks 1, 2 and 3:

David Hope, Ryan Leighton and Chloe Scott

Will it be you next week?